Formal Shark is a media production outlet that specialises in long format media, Podcast and Videos. The internet is full of low-quality short videos we bridge the gap between traditional radio and TV and internet productions.

The flagship show is Let’s Drink with Formal Shark a fortnightly Beer review podcast hosted by Phil and Bob.

Let’s watch is a movie review podcast that specialises in interesting and independent movies. Hosted by Lloyds Roberts


Formal Shark was born in 2014 as a live radio station. Due to increased cost Formal Shark was put on hiatuses in 2015

In February 2016 Phil & Bob attended a Wylam Brewery hosting the brew master at the Brooklyn Brewery Garrett Oliver with Ghost Bottle Night. This night put Phil & Bob passion for beer into over drive. In the taxi home the idea of a beer review podcast was born.

In March 2016 the first episode of Lets Drink with Formal Shark launched. The podcast quickly because popular with the beer drinkers of the northeast and beyond.

Start of 2017 see us launch new podcast and a feature length documentary is in the works. The creative team has been expanded with Lloyd Roberts joining Formal Shark.