Donations & Funding


We love doing what we do, creating podcasts and videos for you guys and gals but this does cost us a canny (northern for fair) bit, so we’ve decided to provide a way for you folks to donate to us.

So if you like what we do, and can spare a few quid, then donate to something you enjoy. Even if its the price of a pint down the road or a cup of coffee at a chain coffee shop (we at least pay our taxes).

If you donate to us, we’ll even throw in some goodies:

  • £5 – Gets a Keyring
  • £25 – Gets you a Custom T-Shirt (Phil & Bob will draw something on a t-shirt for you)
  • £50 – Gets you mentioned on a show
  • £51 – Gets you mentioned even better on the show
  • £100 – Lets you sponsor an episode*
  • £250 – Lets you sponsor an entire series*
  • £250+ – We’ll bend over backwards for you, get in touch and lets make some magic!

*this requires pre-approval and discussion on how you’d like to sponsor the episode/series

We will try and be transparent as possible to where your donations will go, so we’ll list below how donations are planned to be used and how they are actually used.

You can donate via PayPal or Subscribe with Patreon.