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In the Autumn of 2017 we have filmed the principle filmography for our movie. This is a big step in
The Crack We are making a movie, yes the Phil and Bob are stepping out of the studio to visit

The Crack

We are making a movie, yes the Phil and Bob are stepping out of the studio to visit  breweries and other beery things in a motorhome driving around the United Kingdom.

Fans of the podcast know that we love to champion and promote great beer; we think beer should be fun, this will not be a stuffy boring documentary.

The movie will be about beer, friendship and adventure. 


This movie will be mainly self-funded, we just want to make a movie, so sod them glaring faces of the bank managers… We are making a god damn movie!

However we would appreciate a little bit of support in order to buy better equipment; this will result in a far higher quality movie.

So like a hipster duche bags* we’ve got a crowd funding page, so why not check it out on the video on the left**. THIS HAS NOW FINISHED. Don’t worry you can donate some money via Paypal.


To make the production a success, we need people and companies to be part of it, we are aware that people are busy and might not have a serious amount of time to spare for this but any little could help, authorisation to film within your company, a small audio interview or a full blown video interview (which would be awesome) and we’d aim to suit both your and our schedules

So please if you’re interested in helping us, however much or little time you could spare, please contact us and we will keep in touch with developments to them fix down a final time and date for recording/filming.

Also follow us for any update on Twitter


The supporters and sponsors page is a list of all of our thank yous.

Sponsors are individuals and companies that have given sums of money to help with the Let’s Drink the Road Trip project.

Supporters are individuals and companies that helped in some way. This can be allowing us to film on their premises or giving us their services. If you’re on this page we want to give you a huge thank you.

So thank you great people. If you just generally reading this why not check out some companies and give them your trade.


We are currently looking for sponsors. Any sponsorship package will be tailored to your needs. So if you like to sponsor us please get in touch and find out more.

Images During Filming:

* Quote from twitter, well they called us hipster c word.  For anyone that is not street wise, it was an unpleasant name for a lady garden  

** lefts as in on the website rather then politically, then crowdfunding is probably more of a left wing thing then anyway.