Lets Drink

Lets Drink with Formal Shark

A humorous show reviewing real ale and craft beer with pub like banter.

Lets Drink with Formal Shark
Almasty - MKX, Allendale - Black Grouse, Titanic - Plum Porter
Lets Drink with Formal Shark
North Brewing - HERZOG, Brewgooder - Cleanwater Lager, Great Heck - Black Jesus
Lets Drink with Formal Shark
Fourpure - Juice Box, Northern Monk - True North?, Northern Alchemy - Simcoe & Mosaic DIPA, Craft Beer Calling
Lets Drink with Formal Shark
Newcastle Brewing Ltd - Ouseburn Brown Ale, Odyssey Brew Co - Dream Brother V2, Lowlander - Poorter
Allendale - Double IPA, Black Paw - Archbishop's Ale, Tyne Bank - Cherry Stout, The Kernal - London Sour. Recording
Anarchy - Blonde Star, Allendale - Double IPA, Northern Alchemy - Mango, Lime and cracked Black pepper Oatmeal Pale, Almasty
Lets Drink with Formal Shark Special
Lets Drink Pilot Episode (low quality)
Lets Drink with Formal Shark Special
Invalids and Convalescents Double IPA, Barrel Aged Albino Squid Assassin, Bourbon Baby, Dog E
Cwtch - Welsh Red Ale, Wylam - Pieces of What, Fierce - Cafe Racer
Manchester Marble Brewery - Your Betrayal, Kernel - Pale Ale Cluster, Crate Brewery - Sour
First Chop Syl Black, Tempest Brew Co Drop Kick Me Jesus, Brooklyn American Ale
La Bassa Brewfist, Taras Boulba, Anarchy Brew Co Warhead
Bronx Rye Ale, Signature Brew & Yeastie Boys Anticipation, Vibrant Forest Imperial Red IPA
Brinkburn St Brewery Hop Gremlin, Northerm Alchemy Late Hopped Pale, Hop Studio Elder, Brewdog Black Eyed King Imp
Box Social Kaffir Lime Leaf, Fell Robust Porter, Wylam Double Jakehead
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