Lets Drink the Road Trip Crowdfunding

The Crack

We are making a movie, yes the Phil and Bob are stepping out of the studio to visit  breweries and other beery things in a motorhome driving around the United Kingdom.

Fans of the podcast know that we love to champion and promote great beer; we think beer should be fun, this will not be a stuffy boring documentary.

The movie will be about beer, friendship and adventure. 


This movie will be mainly self-funded, we just want to make a movie, so sod them glaring faces of the bank managers… We are making a god damn movie!

However we would appreciate a little bit of support in order to buy better equipment; this will result in a far higher quality movie.

So like a hipster douche bags* we’ve got a crowd funding page, so why not check it out on the video on the left**. THIS HAS NOW FINISHED. Don’t worry you can donate some money via Paypal.